Your project developer for special living spaces

We love working with our clients on demanding real estate projects and making our shared vision come true. To this end, INIZIA is right by your side as an experienced partner supporting investors on each step of the project development process: the strategic planning and general alignment of the property, the development of a concrete concept, the realization of the project, and the subsequent marketing and sale.

Our core competence is clear positioning of real estate that conforms to the expectations of the market and enhances the long-term value of the property. This includes the targeted use of venture capital. Of course, the drive towards sustainable urban development and the future needs of residents are also included in the planning process.

Our INIZIA development team

Our highly motivated development team consists of leading experts active in all project development phases. In addition, over the years we have built up a broad network of partners in different areas of the real estate industry. This includes not only real estate agents and owners, but also local experts and influential leaders in business and politics.

We use the well-founded knowledge of this network to identify potential and also throughout the entire project realization process. In this way we create a decisive competitive advantage for our clients so that together we can focus on the creation of unique properties with lasting value.

Market analysis and studies

Before realizing any new project, we always perform a comprehensive market analysis to illuminate and understand the individual circumstances surrounding the planned property holistically. We also look at local conditions and work with our qualified team to develop a comprehensive catalog of questions so that we can be prepared for any eventuality.

In addition, we carry out special capacity and feasibility studies as well as technical reviews in order to identify the future potential of the project. At the end of this process, we deliver a detailed and extensive analysis, which serves as the basis for the development of a concrete investment strategy for the project and offers our clients a sound basis for their decisions.

The realization of the project

When the factual and conceptual development of the project is completed, it’s time to realize the new property. As your partner throughout the entire development process, we then manage the efficient implementation of the project. An integral part of this for us is the involvement of local partners and transparent communication with all parties involved.

Our goal always is to live up to the highest standards, while placing equal value on  the financial and aesthetic aspects of each project. In addition, sustainability plays an important role in our corporate philosophy. Therefore, we only use materials that are of the highest quality that are less harmful to the environment and energy-efficient.

Expert marketing

The intelligent marketing of a new property can’t wait until the construction phase is complete. Early marketing to the right target groups reduces the financial risk for our investors and can form the basis for a long-term successful presence on the market.

The entire sales process is also a part of the services we offer in the context of new real estate projects. Once again, our extensive and highly qualified network of local and strategic partners is crucial for our success. In addition, not only do future buyers, but also our clients benefit from clear and consistent communication from a single source.

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