Project Overview


Hornhaldenstrasse 5, Kilchberg

Lakeview Kilchberg impresses with its high-quality architecture and sophisticated design both in the exterior and in the interior. The surrounding bands divide the two building bodies, embed the ensemble gently into the environment and capture the high-quality windows. These are largely room-high and span the apartments in an impressive manner. Only with the balconies in the building corners, these bands are each excessive and provide privacy. Details such as the glass railings and the design of the entrance situation by means of lettering and planting complete the elegant appearance of the ensemble. The apartments on the garden and ground floor also have their own gardens. These are captured by the surrounding vegetation and, together with the arrangement of the two buildings, guarantee peace and privacy.

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new building
Year of build
Apartment sizes
3.5 – 8.5 rooms
Living space
from 89.5 m²
Sale prices